Antoon Pissens started a cardboard factory in Leuven.


The Meurrens family was involved in the case

Pacapime saw the light of day and the name referred to the paper and cardboard as well as to the managers Pissens-Meurrens.


Leuven establishment was destroyed by bombing during the war


Halle here we come

After the war, the company moved from Leuven to Halle. Currently the company is still located in Halle


The company took a completely new start due to fire outbreak

This after a heavy fire partially destroyed the infrastructure. The total modernization of the machinery subsequently led to explosive growth in the 1970s.


In the early 80s, the third generation came

Tony, Ludo and Paul Pissens continued to invest in state-of-the-art production equipment, which gave Pacapime the opportunity to become an important player in the Benelux


Some investments

Martins Super Miniline 718 – 2 colors flexo, the first in 1992 & a second in 1999.


Participation in L.C. packaging

In 2003 Pacapime took an important participation in the then Lammers & Van Cleeff, now L.C. packaging. In addition to its own activity of all kinds of packaging material for fruit and vegetables, this company also takes care of our domestic and foreign sales.


Pacapime continues to invest and evolve with the new trends in the market

2004 Martin 1 Midline 924 – flexo 4 colours 2005 we started with high-quality prints with the Bobst Masterflex and the SPO203 in line – flexo 5 colors 2007 Investment in a new BHS JACEY corrugated board machine (demolition 2021). In the same year, a Revicart machine was put into use for making Twinbox boxes.


The Eastern European market

Pacapime Hungary was established to focus on the Eastern European market.


Some investments

2010 Martin 2 midline 924 – flexo 3 colors
2010 Martin DRO HBL 1628 – flexo 5 colours
2015 Bobst Masterline HD – flexo 6 colors


Start of the 4th generation.

In October Laurent Pissens took on the position of Production Manager and starts as the 4th generation within the company.


New Corrugater BHS FINJAS

Installation and production of the new corrugater BHS FINJAS beginning of 2022, last generation and this at speeds around 400m²/min. An increase of more than 25% compared to the previous one. In force starting 2022.