Pacapime choses for an environmental friendly approach


The waste materials are collected and sorted as close as possible to the source.
The materials are separately stock until specialised companies come to collect them for reuse, recycling or revalorisation. We sort and collect paper and corrugated board (pressed into bales), wood, oil, metals, plastics (films, straps and bottles), drums, batteries, dangerous waste, lamps and toners.

Solar Panel

The production of corrugated board is a fairly clean production process and thanks to the use of green electricity, this is only emphasized even more.
Nearly 10,000 solar panels on the roofs of Pacapime provide green energy that covers no less than 1/3 of the annual consumption.


The last decenium Pacapime has invested in renuwing and in improving the isolation of the existing buildings on its site. Optimising the light, temperature and climate on the work floor.
Two large natural gas feeded steamers produce steam for the corrugator and for heating ½ of the production area.

Pallet Poolsysteem

As an alternative for one way pallets Pacapime, offer a large variaty of reusable pallets to his clients.
The client can choose for the classic pool system for pallets (Euro, CHEP, IPP), but we also offer a large choice in wood or plastic pallets from our own pool.

Waste water treatment

Process water, needed for steaming and glueing cardboard, is filtered, softened and treated with reverse osmosis, in order to use as less water and energy as possible.
We limit the waste water to a minimum (with zero discharge as the ultimate ambition) and this water is also treated mechanically, operationally and fysicochemical so it becomes as pure as possible before discharging or reusing it in our production chain.