1.GENERAL PROVISIONS, All sales/purchase terms and conditions set out below apply to all our sales/purchases, in any form whatsoever. The customer/supplier is deemed to expressly and unequivocally accept these terms and conditions. Deviations from these terms and conditions, possibly mentioned on documents emanating from the customer/supplier are also not enforceable against us if they have not been accepted by us in writing. We do not take into account the conditions of sale/purchase printed on letters or other documents/offers from our customers/suppliers. When ordering/purchasing, the buyer/supplier acknowledges to have taken note of and agreed to our terms and conditions of sale/purchase.

2.ACCEPTANCE AND PROTEST. The explicit or tacit acceptance of the present order form or invoice also constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions. Protest must be made within five days. The absence of protest within the stipulated period is considered as acceptance of the terms and conditions. Any complaint concerning a shipment must be made within five days of the date stated on the waybill or shipping note. In case of poor delivery, our responsibility is limited to the replacement, within our normal delivery times, of the part of the shipment which is the subject of the complaint. Whatever the consequences of the faulty delivery, it shall never give rise to a claim for compensation.

3.OFFERS. Offers made by and with our agents and representatives are not binding on us until they have been accepted and confirmed by us in writing, subject to tacit renunciation thereof on our part, without, however, any precedent being set for the future. The amounts apply, barring missing or default and/or force majeure, if the period has not been expressly stipulated, thirty days from the date of the offer. Any possible or alleged inaccuracies in our offers must, under penalty of cancellation, be notified in writing within five working days of receipt of the offer.

4.SAMPLES, DESCRIPTIONS, ETC. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, under explicit amendment of these general terms and conditions, our samples, drawings, designs, dimensions and weights, as well as other data, are only approximate descriptions, and any deviations thereof, of whatever nature, can never be invoked by the customer either to refuse acceptance or payment or to obtain cancellation or to claim damages. The uniformity of the colour of our printing inks used and of our cardboard cannot be guaranteed. A tolerance of 1 mm in plus or minus on each dimension is allowed. This tolerance remains allowed even after approval of a model. A tolerance of + or -8 % on the grammage of the original components provided is permitted.

5.ORDERS AND ORDER CONFIRMATION. All orders must be addressed or confirmed to us in writing. Verbal or telephonic orders shall confirmed immediately, if necessary by fax, subject to our tacit renunciation of this requirement. An assignment or order that cannot be cannot be fulfilled for reasons of force majeure shall not give the customer any reason to claim damages. No agreement shall be binding on us unless expressly accepted in writing. If the customer refuses, the execution of the agreement may be requested. The following tolerances, in plus or minus, on the quantities ordered are permitted: less than 500 pieces: 50 %, from 500 to 999 pieces: 20 %, from 1000 to 4999 pieces: 15 %, from 5000 pieces and more: 10 %. These quantities apply per format, per print, per quality, per model, per processing and per delivery. Due to automation of our manufacturing process, it is technically impossible to avoid the production of a number of bad copies. A tolerance of maximum 1 % per of maximum 1% per shipment is allowed for this.

6.DELIVERY, DEADLINES AND RETENTION OF TITLE. All goods remain our full property until full payment of the invoices, after which the transfer of ownership takes place. Delivery shall be deemed to have taken place as soon as the goods have been delivered or, in the event that the customer collects them himself, as soon as they are available in our warehouses. The risk of the goods is transferred to the buyer as soon as the goods are delivered or made available and during the entire period of retention of title. We cannot be held liable for damage or theft of goods delivered by us. In the event of delivery in unfinished or uninhabited places or buildings, the customer is responsible for guarding these goods. Unless by separate agreement, expressly stipulated otherwise in writing as an essential component, the delivery periods stated by us are always approximate but never binding. However, any compensation to be paid shall never exceed 1% of the total value of the agreement between us and the customer. Coincidence or force majeure releases us from all our commitments. Our delivery times are indicative and may undergo a modification of maximum 2 days. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by machine breakdown, lack of power or energy, strike fire, flood, etc., which are considered cases of force majeure. This list is not exhaustive. The goods are sold carriage paid. If the customer wishes to collect the goods himself, this shall be the responsibility of the buyer. All goods that cannot be delivered within the set deadlines, due to a cause dependent on the buyer, will be stored at his risk. Storage costs will be 2% per month from the first day of storage, each started month will be charged in full. Furthermore, we reserve the right to place these goods in a storage place at the buyer's expense, and this after a notification by registered letter, and if no action is taken within 8 working days after the date of shipment. All our work is carried out at the risk of the customer, who is solely responsible to us and to third parties, in the event of prosecution for counterfeiting of patented packaging. Plans, drawings, models, proofs, etc. that are not the subject of an order will be charged or returned according to our instructions. The dies and printing dies made by us remain our property even if the customer has paid part of the costs. The participation in the costs assures the customer that these materials will be used exclusively for him and that until the moment they are taken out of circulation for one reason or another. Storage of these materials can only be guaranteed for one year after their last use. The plans, drawings, proofs, films, models, etc. belonging to our customers remain on our premises at their own risk. As the physical properties of golf board and therefore also the box are influenced by storage conditions (humidity, temperature, environment, storage time, exposure to sunlight) it is the customer's responsibility to ensure optimal storage conditions and transport.

7.PRICES. All our services are always invoiced according to the rates in force at the time of delivery, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Our prices may be adjusted in the event of currency devaluation. Special packaging and transport costs are not included in the price and are always at the customer's expense. For agreements in foreign currencies, all transfer, collection, exchange rate, bank and other costs shall be borne by of the customer without prejudice to the invoice amount in EURO. Our sales prices apply only to each individual order confirmed by us and not to repetitive orders for which the prices for each order will have to be confirmed separately by us. Some sales prices may be quoted in foreign currency; the exchange rate is that valid on the date of the quotation and any change in this rate will automatically trigger the revision of the quoted prices.

8.COMPLAINTS, INDEMNITY AND WARRANTY. Visible defects must be established upon delivery of the goods. Complaints and remarks should be formulated on the consignment note and countersigned by the carrier or his appointee. Indemnification for hidden defects is conventionally excluded in accordance with 1643 B.C., unless otherwise stipulated in writing, whereby the period is conventionally set at three months in the absence of any further stipulation. 

9.PAYMENTS. All our invoices are payable at the company's registered office in Halle, Belgium. The drawing up of bills of exchange does not imply a novation and does not imply that the invoices are no longer payable in Halle. If the invoice is not paid on the due date, the amount still due will be increased by operation of law and without notice of default, the amount still due will be increased by a fixed compensation of 12% of the invoice amount due, with a minimum of 150 euro, In accordance with the provisions of the Belgian Civil Code. It is expressly agreed that the compensation is fixed and, notwithstanding article 1231 of the Civil Code, cannot be reduced, even if the non-payment is only partial. Interest on arrears amounting to 12% per annum shall also be due ipso jure from the due date, without any notice of default being required, in accordance with article 1139 of the Civil Code. When calculating these instalments, each month commenced shall be regarded as a full month. All previously concluded agreements relating to payment conditions are automatically revoked in the event of non-payment on the due date and the balance of all outstanding invoices shall become immediately payable. If the company appoints a special mandatary for the collection of invoices, the debtor can only validly discharge his debt by payment into the hands of the special mandatary. The seller retains title to all delivered goods as long as the buyer has not fulfilled all his obligations towards him. This means that, in the meantime, the buyer is not entitled to sell these goods or give them as security to third parties.

10.DISPUTES. Disputes fall under the exclusive competence of the Courts of Brussels, in particular the Justice of the Peace and the Commercial Court.