From idea to product !



Using our lab, cardboard qualities can be studied to perfection.
Because of the great diversity in paper types any quality can be made.
Cardboard plates will be tested on BCT, ECT, FCT and COBB value’s to provide the most efficient box. Our years of experience can transform any packaging problem into a packaging solution!

By means of great CAD solution, boxes can be designed in 2D or 3D. This way the drawings will give a close idea of reality. All drawings will be prepared for production with all the necessary needs.


Thanks to our different suppliers, Pacapime stays up to date concerning the newest technology’s in diecutting.
Flat or rotary diecuts, the highest speed and best quality is what we aim for.


Due to the great knowledge of our photo engravers, any design can be transformed into flexo printing.
Pacapimes renewed production area is equipped with several 6 colors printing machines for the production of customized high quality packaging. Our corrugator and converting machines have the capability to transform pre-printed paper into a box or tray at a speed faster than the human eye can see. This way we can fulfill all our client’s needs.